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Biblical Horizons ministry is closing down

A letter from James Jordan and Peter Leithart

P.O. Box  361223, Birmingham, AL 35236

January 12, 2019

Dear Friends,

It is hard for me to write this letter but it is necessary. I had some strokes in 2017. Since recovery can take up to a year, I’ve waited until now to make any big changes. I will not be able to return to my ministry of writing, teaching, and directing Biblical Horizons.  BH has been my calling and my passion for over thirty years. You, faithful supporters, have blessed me with your generosity.  Thank you for your kindness in making the BH ministry possible.  They were good years. 

In 2015 we moved to Birmingham so I could be part of Theopolis Institute. I was excited about working with Peter Leithart. Theopolis is my vision for the future of BH. Winding down BH is the death of a dream, but I look forward to a new life and new ministry. I hope you will support Theopolis as you have supported Biblical Horizons. I asked Peter to write a note about his goals for continuing my work.

Biblical Horizons is shutting down, but Jim’s work will live on as part of the work of Theopolis. Jim is a treasure, but for many Christians he’s hidden treasure. We want to make it easy for people to find him. Theopolis is putting a big red X on the treasure map.

We’re investigating ways to make Jim’s newsletters and essays more readily available and easier to explore. We’re turning his lectures into podcast episodes, and his biblical theology into videos. We plan to finish off Jim’s Psalter We plan to keep his published work in print and publish his unpublished.

Theopolis wouldn’t exist without Jim’s vision, insight, creativity, his gruff humor and friendship. The whole Theopolis team bleeds BH. Everything new we produce – books, blog posts, videos, conferences, classes – will be covered with his fingerprints.

Jim likes to say that death-and-resurrection is the story of the Bible, and the shape of every human story. We at Theopolis aim to make sure that it’s the story of Biblical Horizons too.

— Peter Leithart

The mailing address is:                                Website:

The Theopolis Institute
P.O. Box 36476
Birmingham, AL  35236

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You will receive your BH donation receipts for 2018 by the end of January. Theopolis is a 501(c)3 organization, so your donations are tax deductible.

God bless you as you continue in His word in 2019. The peace of the Lord be with you,

James B. Jordan

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